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Evan's bored, Havoc's endured.

It was time.

He'd waited as long as allowed, now was the time to strike, unexpectedly, since the train incident people had once again settled into an old and stupid routine.

He was doing this alone, he wanted to, he didn't want anyone else to have the glory apart from the only other death eater he'd asked at the other end of the street, and it was in a sense for his own bored benifet. Wearing the masks however just made the Dark lord look like monsters, murderers and eneimies.

He loved being bad.

He moved after a few seconds of silence, attacking, eyes firery as he heard the sudden screams, as London town seemed to explode with the potential fear, roads spliting at Evan's wake, people breaking bones, and ofcourse, Evan held no hesistation in killing every muggle in the street, a mad look in his eyes. Using his wand not only to use the killing curse, but slicing with a spell he heard from an old friend, causing blood and pain and despair. His colleague laughing from the other side as they moved together through the street.

Policemen, children, parents, eldery...they were all dying, and Evan loved the stench of fear.

"Lets go"

Seconds before the aurors turned up they disapparated, but not before Evan left the calling card, the dark mark in the air, and ofcourse, his own little signiture, leaving an old sword pinned into one of the victims, letting him die slowly.

Wait till the others here about this...
Tags: attack, death eaters, evan, mwahahaa
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