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My old school journal still works! Hahaha! But yes, for those who don't know me--never met me or actually care:

Don't read my journal.

For those who like to hear highlights in my sex life, or how i brutailly murder muggle borns as a death eater serve my local community as the nice guy I am, you can read of my joys as life as a free bird with no chains attached.

Aww, I love being me. 

This also means Alecto, I can see my fiancee a little more, loosing touch before the wedding next year would not be good for both of us. I'll be happy to hear from you soon enough.

Enjoy the ball. See you there

Hogsmeade Weekends will no longer be dull I promise you. I'll be able to know IN ADVANCE from now on. I do have some smarts, though I only use them when I feel kinky.

See you at the ball love.

Still don't believe you forgot my invite. Joking mate, how you been, I miss hanging with you guys, the rest of my year save one were total tossers.
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