Evan Rosier II (evan_duo) wrote,
Evan Rosier II

For my Valentine....

I miss you. Please forgive me, for being such an arse before.

I long for the day we're together again.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Love Evan

Wrapped in green and red  lays a bottle of fine and extremely expensive champayne, a bunch of roses, a pair of earings to match her necklace from christmas and a box of chocolates

To all the fun we have and will have, have a wonderful day.

Don't miss Barty too much, I'm always here if you need me.

Always will.

Take care.
Love Evan

Wrapped in green and white lays a bottle of the best fire whiskey, a very expensive glass - custom made for Zooey with her name on - and a few roses tied in a black bow.

Written in Gaelic

Though things are different between us, never forget I care about you, I will always be here if you need me, to let anything out or even just to have a good laugh and drink our sorrows together.

Friends or Lovers, it doesn't change how I feel about us.

Take care.
Love Evan

Wrapped in black and green is two bottles of firewhiskey, a set of keys to his house and a matching necklace to match her earings
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