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Evan Rosier II

I've reclaimed friendships, which is always good, turned alot of people against me, not as good.

Set up a few fires, metaphorically and litterally. I don't need this shit. No fucking way.


He's not better than me

Your still coming tonight right? I really want to see you, I had a shit day... 


Rating for Evan typical swearing but thats about it.

Evan hated seeing him, with all his heart and soul he sometimes wished his father was dead somewhere in a heap, Evan Snr was one of the people of Evan’s nightmares, if there was a Satan, Evan could see his father in that position. Torturing him for eternity.

Evan hated him, ever since he was small, ever since everyone told him he was a weak individual that wasn't good enough and that then his father believed them and destroyed his childhood, made him manlier before he was even old enough to consider what it was to be a man. And when Evan was of course, thrown into school, told being with girls was good, pain was good…anything was good if you could grab it, Despite the philosophy that he actually now followed, they fought constantly. Whenever in the same room an argument broke out, a clash of the titans, and Evan as he grew up could see his father was stronger than everyone took credit.

But, Evan was still sure that now he was stronger. And that was what his father, Evan Snr, didn't like.

Tonight he saw him for the reason that his mother, the beautiful
Mena Rosier insisted they spoke at least a few times a year, if they didn't she said that they wouldn't look like a pureblood family, and they needed to look like a strong family in the wartimes.


So there he stood, not wanting to see him at all, and probably vice versa, his father raising an eyebrow at his appearance.

"More black Evan?" he asked, in contrast to the dark blue suit,.
"I like darker colours" Evan replied, "How's mother?"

They never spoke in earnest to each other, you'd have thought it was the greatest of enemies talking linking only to one other being.

"Well" his father replied, "She's doing well"


Evan looked around the room, he didn't want to get into an argument, he hated arguing...

"Still being an idiot boy?" came a voice, and Evan looked to his father.
"What do you mean by that?"

"Look at yourself, you’re a no hoper son, with no real use but to do the Dark Lord’s bidding under MY command, and his and you do that that just because you think your better than everyone else, you think it's good to prove that."

"You don't know anything about me, so don't fucking lecture how I live" Evan said with a growl.
"Don't swear to me…your not my superior--"
"I'll swear how much I fucking want, don't you dare lecture me, my life is my own"

Evan glared, and then walked to the door, to leave before it got even nastier when his fathers voice cut in.

"How long will you have that life if you continue to be foolish, we've chosen the perfect bride for you, can't you have the common decently to not be so foolish and live long enough to marry her--and to not make a martyr of everyone you think is weak"

Evan was out of the door before his father could say anything else, and Mena sighed...

Those too were just too alike…

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