Evan Rosier II (evan_duo) wrote,
Evan Rosier II

love my new avatarness *squeees*

[Private to Slytherins]

I'm being sent away for a while, I wont be in Hogsmeade for a while, He wants me on the run, just to get any suspicion off me in the local area, and to spread my...genius to other towns.

Don't miss me too much.

[Private to Slytherins/]

Have to leave town for business. Don't miss me too much guys, it's unhealthy.

I should be back for the Lestrange Ball, if not, I'll get someone to cause havoc whilst I'm gone.

I'm sorry again...
I shouldn't be gone too long. I know this stuff isn't exactly the best thing to give as an apology, but as I'm being sent off, I will tell you when I return and then we'll meet up then.

Take care.

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